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Las Verandas Hotel and Villas

This luxury hotel and villas is located on the paradise island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean. The villas and luxury suites have a contemporary serene design concept inspired by a mediterranean village. The buildings are situated to maximize the stunning vistas of the aquamarine waters and the lush tropical landscaping.

The master plan was dictated by the contours of the site creating an amphitheater like plan, focusing on the central area of the development. All the villas surround the central core of the hotel which include the lobby, administrative offices, spa, restaurant, bars, and two large infinity edge pools.

The design incorporates as much as possible local materials for the construction of the buildings and gardens. The color scheme is inspired by the natural environment of the island. Working with a serene palette, the roof tiles reflected the color of the soil, the pergolas feature a local bamboo and teak wood. Local woods were also used for all the carpentry work of the project. The pathways and many of the landscape walls incorporate local stone.

All structures are designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Rainwater is collected from all roofs in large cisterns to provide water to the hotel during the dry season. Every villa and luxury suite has a flat roof designed to provide space for a solar water heating system.

The landscape design features a wide variaty of local tropical plants with sculptural accents of natural monolithic stones, that create focal points as guests walk through the gardens. Many edible fruit and herbal plants are incorporated in the design to supplement the extensive restaurant’s menu.

The 1st phase of the hotel opened in late 2014. However, new villas are being built on a regular basis to complete the master plan of 120 rooms.

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Bar Deck

Low Pool

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