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This elegant cabin was designed to be self-suficient on a small reef in Christmas Bay on the Texas Gulf Coast. The building features a curved aerodynamic roof to sustain high wind forces from huracanes. In addition the roof is oriented south, with a curvature that maximizes the exposure of the solar panels to the suns energy during every month of the year. Additional energy is also produced by a wind generator. The energy is stored in a large battery bank that allows for a refrigerator freezer, ceiling fans, and lighting.

The cabin is also aprovided with large fresh water storage tanks filled by the rain. These tanks are designed large enough to store enough water during the rainy months to sustain the sumner drought.

The elevated tensigrity structure is designed high from the ground to allow large waves to pass through it with minimal lateral forces. The high interior ceilings and cross ventilation provide a way to exhaust heat from the interior spaces. The upper windows are opperable so they can be opened to let the heated air be exhausted. Louver screens and a large awning cover the south facade to reduce heat gain without imparing the beautiful view.



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