Firm Profile

Trotti Studio is an Architectural and Industrial Design firm specializing in sustainable design solutions in ecologically sensitive areas and extreme environments of the world such as Caribbean islands, tropical rainforests, reefs, mountains, and deserts. We focus on innovative design and building practices that produce high-quality, practical, and long-lasting sustainable building solutions. Architect Guillermo Trotti is an expert in architecture design and development in extreme environments. He started his career working as a consultant to NASA designing many elements of the International Space Station and future concepts of lunar bases and vehicles. Mr. Trotti has sailed around the world to research eco-friendly building techniques, marina designs, sustainable materials, and sustainable development in the tropics. Trotti Studio is applying many of the high technologies and design strategies of space exploration in conjunction with different world vernacular designs and building techniques to projects in order to achieve the best possible results for a diverse clientele.

Trotti Studio specializes in:

Eco-Tourism / Hospitality

Residential / Commercial

Entertainment Facilities

Museums / Exhibits

Industrial Design

Space Architecture

Based in Cambridge MA, Trotti Studio has established a close relationship with technical experts and consultants from MIT with expertise in the fields of:

Computer Modeling | Eco-Design | Heat Transfer | Hurricane and Seismic Design | Power Storage | Renewable Energy | Structures | Sustainable Materials | Tensile and Modular Structures | Water Harvesting, Desalination, and Management